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Duomo Reviews

This restaurant will provide you Italian cuisine, which you will be able to sample. Customers may enjoy expertly prepared beef ravioli, gnocchi, and mushroom pizza at Duomo Restaurant. The fact is that you will have delectable tiramisu, profiteroles, and gelato while you are in Italy. Waiters provide wonderful house wine, cordial, and limoncello based on the preferences of the patrons who have visited. This establishment has delicious lemonade, espresso, and cappuccino waiting for you.

Customers are able to relax and enjoy themselves at our establishment because of the welcoming environment. The dedicated and enthusiastic crew makes this facility excellent by working hard and being optimistic. This restaurant’s excellent service illustrates the high degree of quality that it provides. According to reports, the prices here are reasonable. It is worth mentioning that the interior design is exquisite. Duomo has received a 4.6 rating from its customers on Google.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Sicilian

triglia e pomodoro

Maialino nero siciliano farcito, broccolo siciliano (“Mangiami fino all’osso”)

olio sale grano

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Address: via Cap. Bocchieri 31, Ragusa, 97100, Italy

Phone: +39 0932 651265

Website: Duomo Official Site

Hours: Closed: 7 January-28 February, lunch : Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2