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Duomo Reviews

After a lengthy tour around the Duomo di San Giorgio, stop in here for a glass or two. The Italian food served here is to the delight of everyone who dine here. It’s time to kick back and enjoy some perfectly prepared tuna, prawns, and amuse bouches. Gelato, mascarpone, and fruit sorbet are all available at this establishment.

The wine selection is broad, and it will be able to meet the demands of all guests. Delicious cappuccinos, lemonades, and lattes are available for purchase, and you will barely forget them. The affable staff works hard, has a cheerful attitude, and helps to make this place amazing. It is recommended that you visit Duomo if you want to get excellent service. Delicious food is available at reasonable prices in this establishment. With its great ambience and exquisite design, you will undoubtedly enjoy yourself. Michelin-starred gourmet cuisine produced by a world-renowned chef will be served at the two-star Michelin-rated restaurant.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Sicilian

triglia e pomodoro

Maialino nero siciliano farcito, broccolo siciliano (“Mangiami fino all’osso”)

olio sale grano

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Address: via Cap. Bocchieri 31, Ragusa, 97100, Italy

Phone: +39 0932 651265

Website: Duomo Official Site

Hours: Closed: 7 January-28 February, lunch : Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2