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La Madia Reviews

If you are hungry after seeing Faro San Giacomo, you should stop by this restaurant for a meal. The restaurant La Madia is well-known for serving Italian food. If you’re hungry, come here for some excellent mozzarella, calamari, and tuna. Gelato, cannoli, and brioches are some of the most delicious desserts.

The wine selection is extensive, and it can accommodate the demands of all types of guests. Waiters provide wonderful lemonade, latte, or espresso according on the preferences of the customers. This establishment is recommended because of the adorable personnel. The quality of service is something that these restaurateurs take pride in. You will be charged a reasonable amount for your dishes. This establishment has a welcoming atmosphere as well as elegant design. Restaurant with two Michelin stars that will provide gourmet meals prepared by a senior chef will be available.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Sicilian

Uovo di seppia

Maialino nero dei Nebrodi al sugo della domenica

Cornucopia di cialda di cannolo, ricotta e arancia

Address: corso Filippo Re Capriata 22, Licata, 92027, Italy

Phone: +39 0922 771443

Website: La Madia Official Site

Hours: Closed: Tuesday, lunch : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2