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Canton 8 (Runan Street) Reviews

Probably one of the greatest cantonese restaurants in Shanghai, and it can hold its own against any of the best establishments in Hong Kong or Guangzhou in terms of quality. The dim sum is excellent, albeit there are not many options. The BBQ pork is a must-order at this establishment. You may also want to try the soup. Despite the fact that the dim sum and different meals are on par with the best-ranked Cantonese restaurants (for example, at the Hong Kong Four Seasons hotel), the restaurant’s pricing is only slightly less than half the price.

The restaurant’s interior design is also pretty attractive, and the service is excellent. The only drawback is that it is very popular, making it difficult to acquire a reservation. For this trip, I stayed at Edition (which is just next door). The concierge had to phone her personal contact twice, and the front desk manager had to call up her personal contact twice more to get the booking secured for me in the end.

Overall, this product is highly recommended.

Cuisine Type: Cantonese


Address: 63 Runan Street, Shanghai, China Mainland

Phone: +86 21 6733 7123

Website: Canton 8 (Runan Street) Official Site

Hours: Closed: 1-8 February

Michelin Stars: 2