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Bao Li Xuan Reviews

We had the pleasure of hosting our annual gala dinner at BaoLiXuan on a Friday night, which was a real treat. We were a huge group, yet the personnel here went out of their way to make sure that each and every one of us felt like a VIP. From setting up a pristine dining area and a speciality cocktail bar to preparing superbly cooked Cantonese food that was specifically intended for our party, everything was done with care. When dealing with huge groups of people, service might be hit or miss, but the BaoLiXuan staff handled everything flawlessly. This only goes to demonstrate how much time and effort is put into educating and training their customer support representatives.

A special thank you to Karen for assisting us with the event planning and to Paul and Rex for assisting us with the dining room set up and providing their 5* Service.

Cuisine Type: Cantonese


Address: Lane 108, North Shanxi Road, Shanghai, China Mainland

Phone: +86 21 3606 7788

Website: Bao Li Xuan Official Site


Michelin Stars: 2