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Mosu Reviews

This site may or may not still be considered a hidden treasure, but if you have the opportunity to come, take advantage of the opportunity immediately. The food is incredible, the service is perfect, and the chef is quite nice. Every meal is outstanding and a genuine culinary experience, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail. With its warm and inviting decor, as well as its soothing music, this is a spot you will remember for a long time. If I had to be fussy, the one thing that I didn’t care for (it didn’t influence the flavor, it was just the appearance) was the quail that had its foot and nails completely attached. However, that may be a fairly common occurrence in Asia, and I’m certain that many Europeans would agree with me. Aside than that, it’s well worth your time to go.

Cuisine Type: Innovative


Address: 45 Itaewon-ro 55ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82 2-793-5995

Website: Mosu Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2