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Mingles Reviews

If you’re interested, I have the lunch course available on YouTube; just search for God’s tongue channel to find it.

Anyway, to begin with, I thought the nibbles were very delicious. The seaweed curl, for example, was really thin and crunchy. But I forgot about it! omg.

For the ssam, I like the soybean broth to be used. The use of soybean broth as a base is a really clean and refreshing concept. I’d say it has a distinct Korean flavor to it.
In addition, I included the guksu as an extra course. The chilli sauce is one of my favorites. The broth pack is handed out to you at the conclusion of your meal at the counter.

The main course was hanwoo beef, and I felt they did an excellent job of preparing the slice cut to be soft. My favorite hanwoo beef preparation so far has been this. This is in contrast to Mosu, and it is less than Byeokje Galbi in terms of importance. Because of how excellent the beef is, I’d want to try the lamb meal at some point in the future. It is included in the supper course or available as an extra option if desired.

This mandarin orange with ginger foam served as a pre-dessert course. Interestingly, I experienced something quite similar at another korean restaurant somewhere; however, the ginger powder was substituted for the foam, giving the impression that the restaurant imitated Mingles. The dessert of jang trio was really delicious. That’s the one you should go with.

In general, it blends together. If at all feasible, you should make the trip.

Cuisine Type: Contemporary


Address: 2F, 19 Dosan-daero 67-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82 2-515-7306

Website: Mingles Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday

Michelin Stars: 2