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Magdalena Reviews

We came here for supper after hearing good things about it. Amal, the server, was quite polite and helpful when it came to assisting with the dishes. We made the decision to just eat the first meal so that we could sample more flavors. It was delicious, and the sprinkle of cumin powder added a nice flavor to the Tabula salad. Amal also suggested the “Jarjir salad,” which is a watercress salad (special dish), and it turned out to be the greatest meal of the night. The Shishbarak was OK but nothing special, and the Shrimps Pan was the same as well, but the sour sauce was outstanding. After that, we went on to dessert, which turned out to be the worst letdown of the evening. The “Layali Lubnan” and the “Haliwat al jiban” had a strong flavor of orange flower water and roses, similar to commercial “malabi.” In the event that I get the opportunity to eat more of the other meals, I anticipate returning, but I will pass on the dessert.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine, Seasonal Cuisine

Saibling, Safran, Karotte

Rind, Senf, Kräutersalat

Himbeere, Holunder, Soufflé

Address: Rickenbachstrasse 127, Schwyz, 6417, Switzerland

Phone: +41 41 810 06 06

Website: Magdalena Official Site

Hours: Closed: 21-29 September, lunch : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Thursday-Saturday

Michelin Stars: 2