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Falco Reviews

The 7-course tasting menu was my choice. The pre-starters were intriguing and entertaining, but there were far too many of them when you consider that you were then going to eat seven meals. As a result, towards the end of the meal, I had left a number of them and was already stuffed by the time I reached the main dish.

It was a disappointment to have the numerous courses I had thereafter. They all looked wonderful, but as I started to eat them, I realized that they had too many flavors that mixed together, giving me the impression that everything was a little fruity paste.

Normally, the flavors of this kind of meal are in sharp contrast to one another. As a result, there are high notes and low notes in the flavor. Something that is dominating, as well as things that contrast with or reflect that dominant item. Each meal appeared to consist of foods that were comparable in flavor but were served with a liquid that did not provide any texture. The majority of objects seemed to be soft. When I finished the first five dishes, I felt as if I had consumed five jars of baby food and was in dire need of something to chew. In the 6th dish, we had Blood Pigeon, which has a strong iron flavor and is served with heavy iron jus and veggies. I had the sensation that I was chewing on rust.

A number of Michelin-starred or high-end tasting menu encounters have been a part of my life. As a result, I would anticipate returning home with at least two or three dishes that were quite exciting, as well as one that was tough since it was something I would not ordinarily eat. Particularly at this price, you should expect to be amazed, since it is more costly than the majority of similar products at this level.

There isn’t a single one of the seven meals that I would recommend because it thrill my taste buds and make me want to brag about it. There were two that I didn’t finish because the taste and texture were so bad. I ate the most of them since I was paying so much for them.

Even for a Michelin-starred restaurant, the price is too expensive. I think you will get better value to get the train from Leipzig to Berlin and eat in Rutz, Richard, Tim Raue, Pauly Saal, Bandol Sur Mer or Cookies & Cream. Or non-Michelin Star: Prism or Paris Moskow (2 mins walk from Berlin main station if you come from Leipzig) All of which i have eaten several times in and loved. Furthermore, the price is significantly less expensive, most likely including the train ride.

On a positive note I did like the wine waiter who made very good recommendations..

Cuisine Type: Creative

Blauer Hummer, junge Artischocken, gegrillter Suppenlauch

Rehrücken auf dem Salzstein gegrillt

Quitte, Grapefruit, Olivenöl, Pudding, Eiscrème von geschmortem Sellerie

Address: Gerberstraße 15, Leipzig, 04105, Germany

Phone: +49 341 9882727

Website: Falco Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2