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Victor’s Fine Dining by christian bau Reviews

Victor’s Fine Dining by Cristian Bau (Schloss Berg) in Germany has received three Michelin stars for its cuisine.

Chefs and tattoos are a match made in heaven, much like steak and Béarnaise sauce. In addition to his three Michelin stars at Schloss Berg (now known as Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau), German chef Christian Bau (b. 1971) is well-known for his two forearm tattoos, which were both inked in 2005, when he was granted three Michelin stars for the restaurant. Three stars are depicted on one arm, signifying the traditional “trois étoiles,” and three stars are shown on the other arm, representing the three most significant people in his life: his wife Yildiz and their two children Lisa Marie and Katharina Sophie.

Bau began his professional career in the late 1980s and acquired all of his training in Germany. His formative years (1993-1998) were spent working in the kitchens at Harald Wohlfahrt’s legendary Schwarzwaldstube in the Black Forest, where he met his wife Yildiz and began his professional career. Christian and Yildiz Bau have been in charge of the Schloss Berg restaurant in Perl-Nennig since 1998, the same year the restaurant received its first Michelin star, which was followed by a second star the following year. Bau was 34 years old at the time the restaurant received the three-star designation. Several months later, he met Paul Bocuse for the first time, who welcomed him with the words: “Welcome to the family” (to be spoken with a heavy French accent… Christian Bau’s Einblicke (Christian Bau, 2008) is the source.

It was in May 2010 that I made my first visit to Christian Bau’s restaurant, and it was only a few months later in March 2013 that I returned; a detailed account of that visit can be read here. After a long absence, I was finally able to return to Perl-Nennig for what turned out to be a very meaningful lunch in March 2016. A unique occasion, in that Christian Bau had gone to the bother of producing a special menu, an expanded version of the restaurant’s current “Paris-Tokyo” menu, which contained a number of additional items (which I had not requested but which I quite enjoyed). Obviously, this review is about that particular special menu item, and specifically about the lunch I enjoyed. However, since this menu is not regularly available at the restaurant, I have opted to score the items separately rather than the meal as a whole in order to prevent any potential misunderstanding.

The meal began with Christian Bau’s famous amuse bouche, cornets filled with smoked fish cream, beef tartare, and caviar, which were just as beautiful and delicious as they always were, if not better. A fantastic apple macaron with a foie gras and smoked eel filling arrived at the same time as the macarons.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Roter Gamberoni, Blumenkohl, Kombu, Yuzu

Taube, Pistazie, Boudin noir, Purple Curry

Verbena, Pfirsich, Himbeere, Champagner

Address: Schlossstraße 27, Perl-Nennig, 66706, Germany

Phone: +49 6866 79118

Website: Victor’s Fine Dining by christian bau Official Site

Hours: Closed: 20 September-6 October, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Thursday-Friday

Michelin Stars: 3