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Waldhotel Sonnora Reviews

The cuisine of Waldhotel Sonnora exudes self-assurance. In this restaurant, you will not find any ostentatious tableside displays, soliloquies about hyperlocal sourcing, or too complex cuisine. It’s instead carefully chosen ingredients prepared to high standards and presented with rich sauces that taste like they’ve been simmering for days. As a consequence, there is an infinite procession of foods that are first and foremost delicious. While this kind of cooking may not be suitable for everyone, it was successful for me. Experiencing the traditional cuisine at Waldhotel Sonnora is a great delight that you should take advantage of if you get the opportunity. I consider it to be my favorite of the four “traditional” three-star hotels in Germany (the others being Schwarzwaldtube, Bareiss, and GästeHaus Klaus Erfort), and it is, in my opinion, superior to any of the three-star hotels I have experienced in Paris.

Cuisine Type: Classic French

Langoustines Royal mit Vinaigrette von gereifter Soja-Sauce, Avocado und Kopfsalat

Sauté vom Kalbsbries mit kleinen gefüllten Champignons, Petersilienjus und Vin Jaune

Délice von Himbeeren mit weißer Schokolade und Joghurt-Estragoneis

Address: Auf’m Eichelfeld 1, Dreis, 54518, Germany

Phone: +49 6578 98220

Website: Waldhotel Sonnora Official Site

Hours: Closed: 28 July-5 August, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Thursday

Michelin Stars: 3