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Christophe Bacquié Reviews

The French and Mediterranean cuisines are among the must-try options at this establishment. Enjoy delicious courgettes, amuse bouches, and pate while you’re here! The chefs here create delectable desserts such as parfaits, soufflés, and fruitcake.

The wine selection is extensive and can accommodate the demands of any and all customers. According to the comments of the reviewers, servers provide excellent coffee service. The staff is known to be courteous at this establishment. The service at Christophe Bacquié is what one would term lightning quick. Clients can unwind in this setting thanks to the warm design and peaceful ambience. It’s a three-star Michelin restaurant that’s well worth the effort of making the journey.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine

Fleur de courgette farcie, bouillon de fleurs

Pigeonneau au sang cuit en pâte à sel épicée, jus acidulé au vinaigre de myrte

Soufflé chaud à la cazette, crème glacée aux grains de café torréfiés

Address: 3001 route des Hauts-du-Camp, au Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, 83330, France

Phone: +33 4 94 98 29 69

Website: Christophe Bacquié Official Site

Hours: Closed: 30 August-5 September, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Thursday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3