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Bred from the noble Acipenser Stellatus (Sevruga sturgeon) nestled in the nutrient rich waters of the Caspian Sea, we use time-honored methods to process a roe that tips the boundaries of taste and texture, rendering a delightful blend of both youth and maturity.

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Noted by the Financial Times as “…one of the very best…” image/svg+xml

An eye-catchingly pleasing grain with a glistening grey hue, the taste of our Privé Sevruga is spirited, offering an upbeat fresh feel tempered by a tantalisingly rich after taste that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

A distinct Persian character is present in our Privé Sevruga, with a flavor and aroma that bursts with quality. This particular caviar is yet another from our range that makes for the perfect introduction to caviar as a culinary concept. Typified by that oh so distinguishable aesthetic yet oozing with a very unique and personal charm, which one can only achieve with Caspian reared sturgeons.

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