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Piccolo Lago Reviews

Disclaimer: My family and I, along with our two children, are accustomed to this type of cousin. We have dined at a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, including Barbieri in London, Barasetegui in Barcelona, Gordon Ramsey in London, Locatelli in Dubai, Hakkasan in Dubai, Tozzi in London, and other establishments. In terms of culinary experiences, Piccolo Lago is up there with the best I’ve ever had; you know what to expect from those types of chefs, but the surprise factor is always what you’re looking for, and Chef Sacco definitely surprised me and my wife with a degustation menu that you would never expect. We will definitely be returning. The setting of the restaurant is particularly amazing, with a beautiful view of Lake Mergozzo providing an additional experience above and beyond the cuisine.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine, Contemporary

Cacio e pepe di lago

Gardon (pesce di lago)

Oro degli Inca

Address: via Turati 87, al lago di Mergozzo, Fondotoce, 28924, Italy

Phone: +39 0323 586792

Website: Piccolo Lago Official Site

Hours: Closed: 1 November-31 December, 1 January-28 February, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2