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La Marine Reviews

So, seize the day – the French food is waiting for you! Amuse bouches, sardines, and consomme that have been prepared perfectly offer a delectable flavor. You will be served delectable parfaits, biscuits, and fruitcake at this location. When visiting this restaurant, it is essential to sample some fine wine, whether it is a white wine or a champagne. According to the comments of the visitors, frappes are excellent.

You may choose between indoor and outdoor dining options. A lot of visitors have commented on how well-trained the crew is. It is recommended that you visit La Marine if you wish to be treated with exceptional care. Visitors can unwind at this place thanks to the charming décor and nice ambience. As indicated by the Michelin 3 black knife-and-fork marks, this establishment delivers first-class service.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Seafood

Huître noire “Erika”

Retour de pêche, homard, rascasse, saint-pierre et bouillon de poissons de roche

Carotte des champs, sorbet melon, abricot et huile de laurier

Address: 3 rue Marie-Lemonnier, L’Herbaudière, 85330, France

Phone: +33 2 51 39 23 09

Website: La Marine Official Site

Hours: Closed: 1 December-31 January, Monday, Tuesday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2