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Azurmendi Reviews

Azurmendi is fantastic, and I could easily write paragraph after paragraph on why it is thus. Making a concise summary of why this restaurant is unique in just a few brief phrases is the most difficult element of the job. Was it because of the food? Were these results due to the fact that Chef Eneko Atxa has reimagined the traditional restaurant experience, splitting it into several phases that take place across the whole building? Were we successful because they allowed us to choose multiple tasting menus and somehow managed to deliver the 12+ different dishes all at the same time? The answer to the question of what makes Azurmendi unique is a combination of the factors listed above. Starting with the appetizer and continuing through the meal, Azurmendi provides an exceptional dining experience. Three stars may be a hindrance to a chef’s ability to innovate; after all, if there is nowhere to go but down, why take chances? In spite of the fact that he has maintained three stars since 2013, Chef Atxa seems to have missed the message since he is still cooking with the imagination and passion of a chef with two stars who is aspiring to three.

The San Sebastian region is renowned for having a disproportionately high number of Michelin-starred restaurants in comparison to its population, with several of them, such as Asador Etxebarri (ranked third in 2019) and Murgatiz (ranked eighth in 2019), ranking very high on the World’s 50 Best list. While Azurmendi ranks reasonably high on the same list (#14 in 2019), I believe it lacks the same level of worldwide awareness as restaurants such as those mentioned above or, for example, El Celler de Can Roca. It ought to.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Ostra, rúcula, manzana y oliva

Bogavante asado y descascarillado sobre jugo de pimientos a la brasa y cebolla morada de Zalla

Helado de levadura, leche espumosa y regaliz

Address: Legina Auzoa, Larrabetzu, 48195, Spain

Phone: +34 944 55 83 59

Website: Azurmendi Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday, dinner : Wednesday-Thursday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3