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Mugaritz Reviews

The disappointment was very high. I’m still irritated after spending three hours at a table with countless meals that were devoid of flavor. There was not a single “wow” moment during the whole dinner. If they had served me one more plate of froth or gelatinous “something,” I’m very sure I would have thrown up. On the 12th course, I was on the verge of doing it. They are adamant about the fact that they do not provide desserts at all. instead, they cut up chocolate that anybody could acquire and characterize as “special” (which it wasn’t), which is served with a slightly warm cortado (similar to a macchiato) in a chipped cup (which was also not unique). Try one of the many wonderful Michelin star restaurants in San Sebastián that are deserving of their accolades instead of spending your money (which you should do anyhow).

Cuisine Type: Creative

Sabor: quisquillas

Disonancia: lomo bajo cero

Textura: ñoquis con salsa de Idiazábal

Address: Aldura Aldea 20 – Otzazulueta Baserria, Errenteria, 20100, Spain

Phone: +34 943 52 24 55

Website: Mugaritz Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, lunch : Tuesday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2