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De Librije Reviews

De Librije is regarded as one of the most famous restaurants in the Benelux. It is located in Amsterdam. Jonnie Boer, his wife Thérèse Boer, and their crew have completely re-defined the norms of innovative cuisine in the United Kingdom (and beyond).

Since 2014, De Librije has been housed in a historic prison building that was formerly home to Jonnie Boer’s second restaurant, Librije’s Zusje. The ancient restaurant part of the jail building has undergone a significant renovation and is now considered to be one of the most attractive and innovative restaurant interiors in Europe. A collaborative effort with interior designer Eric Kuster resulted in an eclectic, contemporary, organic, and startling collection of furnishings. Decorative pieces in bright colors, artwork, abundance of greenery, and various kinds of wood are used to accent the brown, grey, and white colors. The eating room is set in the old courtyard, which is topped by an outstanding glass and iron structure that provides shade from the sun. When visitors are seated, they are given the sense that they are dining outside. This is an ideal location in which to savor Jonnie Boer’s superb culinary creations.

As well as these amenities, the historic jail has an outstanding kitchen (with the cold section placed in the eating area and the hot part positioned right behind it), a culinary school, a store, and 19 beautiful rooms that are each named after a different flower or plant. Rooms in this jail are a unique experience in and of themselves, and this is one prison where you certainly want to spend the night. The moment visitors step foot on the property, they are enveloped in a magnificent ambiance that is difficult to leave. There are around 50 employees that work at the location in total. Jonnie Boer is assisted in the kitchen by a team of 14 chefs, and a staff of around 10 persons is responsible for the service in the dining room.

Chef Jonnie Boer is rewriting the norms of gastronomy without even realizing what he’s doing. He just goes with his gut sense and prepares what he perceives to be delectable meals. Local food is his primary source of inspiration, and he has been using it into his recipes for many years – long before it became popular as it is now. It was evident to Jonnie that she should utilize the locally chosen mushrooms instead of purchasing them from a grower in another state or even another country. This may seem simple now, but in the nineteen eighty, it was something that only a few other people were doing. Years have turned into decades, and Jonnie Boer has continued to improve himself and his restaurant without ever compromising the purity of the flavors or the authenticity of the ingredients. In addition to cultivating his own herbs and plants right next to the tables in his remarkable environment in Zwolle, he has space to do so in his extraordinary environment. In this case, it is an aspect that facilitates contact between visitors and the foodstuffs. Beyond being a talented cook, Jonnie Boer is a pleasant and approachable individual with a strong sense of humor and kindness.A menu of 10 dishes is available at De Librije, or diners may create their own menu from a selection of 5 to 7 dishes from one of four clusters available at the restaurant. The ingredient combinations are one-of-a-kind, and the chef is renowned across the globe for his innovation and terroir-based cuisine. His cuisine also incorporates other methods such as fermentation and hot stone cooking, and he constantly strives to present these skills in an unexpected and startling manner. His version with langoustine, for example, is marinated in a Kombucha for three hours, resulting in a dish that is similar to a ceviche. It is slightly charred at the table and served with a salad of bamboo, Japanese pear, galangal, turmeric, celery, and an excellent juice of French beans. It is gently charred at the table. The vegetarian steak tartare with watermelon and piccalilli is a deceivingly simple meal that is full of flavor. In terms of preparation and flavor, this is a gem! One other remarkable meal is the Ermelose duck main course, which is roasted in hay and served with celery on the side. Definitely one of the nicest duck dishes we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

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Jonnie Boer met his future wife Thérèse at De Librije in 1992, and the couple has since gone on to develop one of the world’s top restaurants, De Librije. In addition to being the Lady of the House, who welcomes every visitor as if they were a personal friend, Thérèse Boer is also a very skilled sommelier. She, together with the Maitre and the rest of the crew, is responsible for transforming the dining area into something distinctive, bright, and cosmopolitan. The wine list is extensive and includes a large range of top French wines from which to choose.

De Librije is one of the world’s most renowned restaurants and serves as a model for many others. Chef Patron Jonnie Boer continues to be a trailblazer when it comes to the utilization of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, and his imaginative cuisine continues to inspire cooks all over the globe. De Librije is more than just a restaurant; it is an outstanding overall experience that brings together cuisine, art, luxury, innovation, and creativity in a unique and memorable way. This is a place that must be visited again and over again.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine

Oester, geitenkaas, zeewieren en zure bom

Boereneend bereid in hooi met bleekselderij

Smaken van Drenthe “Hunebedden”

Address: Spinhuisplein 1, Zwolle, 8011 ZZ, Netherlands

Phone: +31 38 853 0000

Website: De Librije Official Site

Hours: Closed: 28 July-16 August, 27 December-10 January, Sunday, Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Thursday

Michelin Stars: 3