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Tenjimbashi Aoki Reviews

As a cooperative venture between the Les Amis Group and the owner chef Kunio Aoki, Aoki Restaurant opened its doors in 2003 as Aoki Restaurant.
The greatest exquisite dining experience in Japanese haute cuisine is provided by this 36-seat restaurant. It reopened in June 2017 with a completely revamped interior designed by Japanese interior designer Yasuhiro Koichi. Throughout the spotless interior are panels of Kumiko Zaiku, a traditional Japanese woodwork that is detailed and beautiful, as well as geometric patterned doors and wall panels that capture the sense of Zen simplicity.
Chef Kunio Aoki, the restaurant’s proprietor, oversees the sushi bar and kitchen. However, he maintains a classic culinary technique while infusing it with modern overtones that keep his dishes feeling fresh and current. Across the years, he has built a devoted following by being unyielding in his demands to serve only the finest products supplied straight from Toyosu Market and other artisanal vendors from all over Japan.

In addition to Les Amis, Aoki is situated in Shaw Centre, next to the group’s main restaurant.

Cuisine Type: Japanese


Address: 7-12-14 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0041, Japan

Phone: +81 6-6940-0403

Website: Tenjimbashi Aoki Official Site

Hours: Closed: lunch : Monday-Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2