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Sushi Harasho Reviews

This was our first time having an omakase meal, and it did not disappoint!
The first thing to note is that when it comes to this sort of dinner, a higher bar is set for atmosphere, pricing, food preparation, food quality, plating, and so on. In addition, there will be certain foods that individuals will not like, and although they are under no need to accommodate to specific needs, it is appreciated that they do so as a favor to them.
So, putting all of that aside, we attempted to schedule a dinner reservation a month in advance, but were only able to get a lunch reservation. We accepted what we could get since it might be difficult to acquire a reservation late in the game. Furthermore, you are required to pay the whole price up advance. Please keep in mind that if you cancel three days or more before the event, you will get a full refund. If you don’t, you’ll lose it!

When you arrive at the restaurant, you will see that it has a simple storefront. When you go through the entrance, someone will appear from behind a sliding door to meet you and direct you to a seat along the long sushi bar. There are lockers available for you to keep your jackets and luggage safe.

The crew will inquire about any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have, and then continue to create your meal right in front of you. A waiter/waitress comes around to check on your drinks and tidy your table immediately after you arrive. You get to watch the excellent knife skills of the chefs as they chop up the fish as you dine.

The meal service starts nearly immediately and continues in a constant stream – as is suitable after you have finished an item on the menu. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the fish. To top it all off, everything was really fresh and silky, resulting in a whole new level of sushi/sashimi experience.

In all, we completed around 20 tasks in approximately 2 hours. It was a beautifully personal encounter that was, in our view, well worth the money.

Cuisine Type: Sushi


Address: 3-30 Uenomiyacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0037, Japan

Phone: +81 6-6773-5518

Website: Sushi Harasho Official Site

Hours: Closed: Wednesday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2