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Shunsaiten Tsuchiya Reviews

This Michelin 2-star restaurant is situated approximately a 30-minute taxi journey north of downtown Osaka, where we were staying. But the trip was well worthwhile; Shunsaiten Tsuchiya is a fantastic restaurant that deserves to be recognized. On past journeys to Japan, we have eaten at a number of high-end tempura restaurants in a variety of places, and Shunsaiten Tsuchiya is one of the finest of the bunch. We were placed in a semi-private room with an open view of the tempura bar since there were four of us. Because of the sitting arrangement, it was simpler to have a discussion and we didn’t feel separated from the bustle at the tempura bar. A lovely, heated floor well and seat backs provided us with the comfort we were looking for in a tatami room from a Western perspective.

It is possible to choose from a variety of menus, including the “Chef Special Course,” which consisted of a mix of kaiseki meals and tempura. However, since we were eating a lot of kaiseki dinners on this trip, we decided to go with the Chef’s menu that was just tempura. All of the vegetables and seafood dishes were well cooked, and the portions were generous. A light and crispy tempura coating, baked for the perfect amount of time at the perfect temperature in fresh oil, imparted clean tastes and textures that allowed each component to shine through. The quality of the food did not decrease, and the taste and texture contrasts presented by each grouping contributed to our delight. Unlike many other tempura bars we have visited, where each item arrives separately, this one delivered one piece of three or four things at a time.

Cuisine Type: Tempura


Address: 41-4 Toyotsucho, Suita, Osaka, 564-0051, Japan

Phone: +81 6-6338-2288

Website: Shunsaiten Tsuchiya Official Site

Hours: Closed: lunch : Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2