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Miyamoto Reviews

Miyamoto is in close proximity to L’Eglise Sainte-Croix. The food at this restaurant is highly recommended for those who like Japanese cuisine. Yakitori chicken, sashimi salads, and Maki rolls are some of the most popular recommendations from our visitors. Come to Miyamoto for a relaxing break and indulge in delectable fruit salads and delectable cheesecakes.

Guests may expect a warm welcome from the friendly personnel at any time of year. This establishment is famous for its outstanding customer service. You will undoubtedly like the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Google users who have visited this location have said that the most appropriate rating is 4.3.

Cuisine Type: Japanese


Address: 2-10-28 Higashitemma, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0044, Japan

Phone: +81 6-6809-6990

Website: Miyamoto Official Site


Michelin Stars: 2