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Ichiju Nisai Ueno Minoten Reviews

Excellent cuisine, faultless service, and a beautiful setting are all on offer. If you are in Osaka and are a fan of nature, do not miss out on the chance to eat at Ichijunisai Mino. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so be sure to schedule your visit properly. I made a reservation for the omakase meal in advance and told the restaurant of my dietary restrictions. One of my dinner companions does not eat meat, and the chef took notice of this and tailored the omakase to her specific requirements.

It had been planned to visit the famed Mino waterfall before heading to an omakase meal, however typhoon Saola triggered a landslide and forced the park to be closed until further notice.

The restaurant is well-integrated into the surroundings and does not even have a signboard, making it difficult to locate, despite the fact that it is located just along the major route to Mino Park. We were wet by the rain, but the employees at Ichijunisai were quite kind and welcomed us inside the restaurant as soon as they saw us on the road! We were handed towels to dry ourselves off before being taken into our own private dive chamber, which overlooked the forest and the river below. The accommodation was comfortable, and the view was spectacular.

However, the omakase menu varies depending on the season and what is available, so what you receive may vary from what I experienced. Because the menu was printed in Japanese, I am unable to interpret it. One of my friends is not a big fan of sashimi, but after this meal, she changed her mind because only the freshest and best ingredients were used to prepare the dish. From the beginning to the conclusion, the meal was really delicious.

Our guest of honor was celebrating her birthday, and the kitchen had prepared a special sekihan for her special day. Very thoughtful, and greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. When we said our goodbyes to the workers, they gave our jackets back to us, which had been air dried and heated. The meal and service were both of exceptional quality. I will most certainly be back.

Cuisine Type: Japanese


Address: 2-5 Minookoen, Mino, Osaka, 562-0002, Japan

Phone: +81 72-745-0699

Website: Ichiju Nisai Ueno Minoten Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 2