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Alexandre Reviews

In order to get a table, you must make a reservation prior to your arrival at the restaurant. Restaurant has 8 tables and requires a reservation in advance. There are two options for the dinner menu: a middle dinner table and a full dinner table. The first one will cost 70€ per person, and the second one will cost 120€ per person. The staff will politely inquire as to if you have any allergies or are not eating anything. Water and the first round of beverages were included in the cost of this package. For the main course, you have the option of choosing the kind of wine you wish to drink. The cost of the glass was around 30€. Now, let’s talk about the kitchen and food. The food is quite fresh and delicious, and the combinations of ingredients are excellent. We ordered fish and pork for our main dish, both of which were delicious and well-prepared. The environment at Hole is harmonious and relaxing. The staff is excellent at communicating in both English and French. The décor may be more fascinating to us, but on the other hand, the restaurant is more focused on cuisine. As a result, I will also provide photographs! I would suggest this place to anybody and everyone!!!

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine

Tartare de taureau de Camargue, sorbet de salicorne et spiruline

Rouget de Méditerranée, raviole à la tapenade de picholine et jus d’arêtes torréfiées

Écrin de gourmandises «Kayser»

Address: 2 rue Xavier-Tronc, Garons, 30128, France

Phone: +33 4 66 70 08 99

Website: Alexandre Official Site

Hours: Closed: 23 August-7 September, Monday, Tuesday, dinner : Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2