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La Table de Franck Putelat Reviews

I was a bit apprehensive when I saw some unfavorable reviews for this restaurant since I am someone who checks other people’s evaluations before visiting a new place. However, since we were in Carcassonne the week before our 2nd wedding anniversary, and because we had celebrated our 1st anniversary at David Toutain, another 2* restaurant, we wanted to start a tradition and decided to give it a go nonetheless. We were delighted that we did since it turned out to be a very amazing evening! Although the atmosphere and service were immaculate, this is to be expected when dining at a restaurant of this caliber and sophistication. The ability to take advantage of the great weather while dining on the terrace with a gorgeous garden in the background was also a huge benefit. Most importantly for us, though, is the cuisine, and it was here that we were completely blown away! Our meal had the appropriate mix of flavors and combinations, and we did not encounter any of the disappointments that we had had at a number of other high-end restaurants in previous years.

Chef Franck Putelat greeting each and every diner is a thoughtful and enjoyable touch. We’ve eaten at a number of high-end, Michelin-starred establishments, but this is the first time we’ve had this experience. As a result of having just eaten a delicious dinner, it is natural to want to express your gratitude to the person who prepared it for you. This helps to close the evening on a high note and ensures that every penny spent was perfectly worthwhile!

We would highly suggest this to anybody looking to have a fantastic taste sensation in a lovely setting with excellent customer service.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine

Bouillabaisse légère aux coquillages, cranquette, foie gras de canard et pistil de safran

Pigeonneau du Lauragais comme un cassoulet, jus brûlant

Pavlova-MOF 2019

Address: 80 chemin des Anglais, au Sud de la Cité, Carcassonne, 11000, France

Phone: +33 4 68 71 80 80

Website: La Table de Franck Putelat Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2