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La Table de Pavie Reviews

Wow! Excellent service and a wonderful eating experience. The restaurant’s location is stunning; we began by sitting on the terrace overlooking the town of St Emilion, admiring the magnificent historic city at sunset while sipping our drinks. And finally enter the beautiful restaurant, which has dramatic and creative lighting and décor. Inventive and excellent, with surprising flavor combinations that delighted the palate, the dinner was served. The service was excellent, since it was properly timely and stylish, and it attended to all of our needs.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine, Creative

Langoustine au naturel poudrée de curry et de citron noir, mayonnaise à la livèche

Pigeon au sang, laitue celtuce et huile de tagète

Crème brûlée au chocolat, croustillant de sarrasin et mousse à la bière brune

Address: 5 place du Clocher, Saint-Emilion, 33330, France

Phone: +33 5 57 55 07 55

Website: La Table de Pavie Official Site

Hours: Closed: 18 December-11 February, Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2