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Vendôme Reviews

A stone’s throw outside of Cologne, Germany’s Bergisch Gladbach is home to the five-star Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg, which includes the restaurant Vendôme. Schloss Bensberg, which dates back to the early 1700s, has served a variety of purposes, including as royal lodgings and as a military barracks during World War I. The Schloss was completely renovated and reopened in 2000 under the management of the Althof Hotel company, which operates a number of luxury hotels throughout Germany, several of which have Michelin-starred restaurants to their credit. I did not go inside the hotel, but based just on its outside, it seems to be a really spectacular establishment.

Awarded his first Michelin star in 2001, he went on to earn his second star in 2002, and finally his third star in 2004 which he has maintained ever since. Joachim Wissler is the head chef at Vendôme, having joined the restaurant when it first opened in 2000 and quickly progressed up the Michelin ladder. Wissler is widely regarded as one of the founding members of the “New German” movement, which symbolizes the current generation of three-star chefs who have taken over from the old guard, such as Winkler and Wohlfahrt, in the culinary world. His food is contemporary and inventive, frequently consisting of a number of mini-dishes made from basic items. In addition to earning three Michelin stars, Wissler and Restaurant Vendôme are one of Germany’s most internationally acclaimed restaurants, consistently ranking among the world’s top 50 restaurants for several years before falling off the list in recent years, which was not the fault of the restaurant.

Vendôme offers a diverse selection of menu selections ranging in length from 5, 8, and 10-course options priced at €240, €285, and €320, respectively, which is a touch on the expensive side for Germany but realistic considering the length of the menus and the amount of effort that goes into each dish. The restaurant offers a status quo menu on weeknights for €250, which includes a 5-course meal with matching wine and coffee. On weekends, the restaurant offers a €165 gourmet lunch that includes 4-courses, a glass of champagne with water and coffee and a glass of sparkling wine with water. We were just there for lunch, so we opted for the shorter lunch menu, which was a fantastic price though not quite typical of the Wissler experience in general.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Landei, Trüffel, gestockter Schinkensaft, Nussbutterschaum

Rostbraten vom Angus Rind mit Zitronen-Thymianjus

Banane, karamellisiertes Erdnusseis und Jivara-Gewürzganache

Address: Kadettenstraße, Bergisch Gladbach, 51429, Germany

Phone: +49 2204 421940

Website: Vendôme Official Site

Hours: Closed: 28 July-19 August, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Friday

Michelin Stars: 3