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L’Air du Temps Reviews

I am certain that you were impressed by the aesthetic job performed by the chef, and the quality of the flavor much exceeds that of the presentation!

There was not a single meal that did not meet our expectations; everything was just amazing, and we had no complaints about the whole experience!
A few words about the location itself: it is beautifully furnished, with three major rooms and a structure that is both elegant and exceptional.
The water selection will be on my list for next time, without a certain; we tried a number of flavored waters and, wow, another revelation, this time pairing so beautifully with the food… they clearly have resources.
They have a garden in which they cultivate their own veggies, which you can see on your dish as well.

One minor issue, which I know they are working on, is that there aren’t enough rooms available for people to stay over… I planned the evening in October for a mid-February date, and I had to stay at a B&B nearby, but since I had to drive, I just had one glass of wine that evening.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Jardin de Liernu : végétaux du moment, jus lacté et huile du temps

Homard de l’Escaut oriental, jangajji de tomate et geranium

Versaillaise : fraises caperon royale et anablanca en variations

Address: rue de la Croix Monet 2, Liernu, 5310, Belgium

Phone: +32 81 81 30 48

Website: L’Air du Temps Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday, lunch : Saturday

Michelin Stars: 2