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L’Eau Vive Reviews

Make a point of having supper here. The Water of Life was recommended by friends who reside in Brno. The tranquility of the outdoor tables, as well as the whole eating experience, are exceptional. The restaurant is run by nuns who are linked with the church. There is a casual, friendly, and professional atmosphere throughout the service. The food was excellent. The best parts of the meal were the appetizers and desserts. Even though the wine selection was not extensive, it was sufficient to complement the large range of meal options. The costs for meals and beverages are really reasonable.
At dusk, the staff performs a wonderful song in the garden.
Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to indulge in a wonderful treat in Brno.

Cuisine Type: Modern French, Modern Cuisine

Foie gras poêlé à la rhubarbe, citron confit et pain d’épices, réduction de pinot noir et tuile aux épices

Ris de veau façon carbonara à la truffe et pourpier

Chocolat Caraïbes aux noisettes, glace au café et crumble

Address: route de Floreffe 37, Arbre, 5170, Belgium

Phone: +32 81 41 11 51

Website: L’Eau Vive Official Site

Hours: Closed: 29 August-16 September, 23 December-7 January, Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Saturday

Michelin Stars: 2