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Uliassi Reviews

If you chance to be in the vicinity of the Biblioteca Comunale Antonelliana, you may dine at this establishment. Uliassi is a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. A lot of people claim that the servers here provide excellent fish, spaghetti vongole, and misir, among other dishes. To get an impression about this establishment, sample some delicious gelato, parfait, and tiramisu.

The wine selection is extensive and may meet the demands of a wide range of customers. You will never forget a fantastic espresso, latte, or lemonade that you had while traveling. Many visitors believe that the personnel at this location is knowledgeable. Visitors express their appreciation for excellent service in their feedback. You will be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable costs at this establishment. Visitors can unwind at this place because of the stunning décor and nice ambience. Three-star Michelin restaurant that deserves to be visited on a special occasion.

Cuisine Type: Seafood, Creative

Rimini fest

Spaghetti affumicati alle vongole

Soufflé di cioccolato al Lagavulin (scotch whisky)

Address: banchina di Levante 6, Senigallia, 60019, Italy

Phone: +39 071 65463

Website: Uliassi Official Site

Hours: Closed: 20 December-25 March, Monday, Tuesday

Michelin Stars: 3