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Madonnina del Pescatore Reviews

The monkfish, calamari, and broth served at this eatery are wonderful. Good gelato, tarte tatin, and fruitcake all have a delectable flavor to them. It is likely that you will return for additional wonderful cordial, wine, or champagne to complement your dinner even more deliciously. This establishment is well-known for its excellent americano.

The excellent position of Madonnina Del Pescatore ensures that it is accessible even during peak traffic hours. Many visitors have commented on how polite the staff is at this establishment. Visitors like the fact that this establishment provides professional service. There is no doubt that you will like the fantastic environment and stunning design provided. The Michelin-starred restaurant will serve you delectable meals prepared by a renowned chef in a comfortable setting.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Tra una panzanella e una catalana di crostacei

Cernia ai carboni, zucca, kalanchoe e zenzero nel rum

E adesso chi lava i piatti?

Address: via Lungomare Italia 11, Marzocca, 60019, Italy

Phone: +39 071 698267

Website: Madonnina del Pescatore Official Site

Hours: Closed: 8 November-21 February, lunch : Monday, Wednesday, lunch : Thursday

Michelin Stars: 2