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Jade Dragon Reviews

I’ve been to Jade Dragon a number of times previously, but this is my first visit since it was awarded the Michelin 3-star rating. Surprisingly, pricing have remained quite stable, and the quality of service has been consistently high. Given that I brought a fine bottle of burgundy red wine with me, I stick to basic meat dishes such as the famed barbecue pork and the recently introduced pigeon parmigiana. However, the staff is quite nice and helpful in describing the food to us, and there is no pressure to purchase more costly items. Our stay here is enjoyable, and it is highly recommended for everyone who enjoys an outstanding Chinese lunch in a pleasant setting.

Cuisine Type: Cantonese


Address: Estrada do Istmo, Macau

Phone: +853 8868 2822

Website: Jade Dragon Official Site


Michelin Stars: 3