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Feng Wei Ju Reviews

Excellent food and service were provided to us at this establishment tonight. Captain Carrie and waiter Min, as well as a skilled sommelier Lance, provided us with excellent service. The latter suggested a Pinot Noir from Mainland China called “Ning Xia,” which was an excellent fit for our supper. Our dinner service was exactly timed, and the service provided by the aforementioned Carrie and Min was excellent as well.
Appetizers such as hot and sour soup, spicy sesame chicken, Sour and Spicy Okra, their specialty dish of beef off the bone, and tofu mince with chili are all highly recommended; all were delicious!
The restaurant was our third time visiting, and we have never been disappointed!

Congratulations to the whole management team, and thank you to everyone for their assistance. We will definitely be back!

Cuisine Type: Hunanese, Sichuan


Address: Avenida da Amizade, Macau

Phone: +853 8290 8668

Website: Feng Wei Ju Official Site


Michelin Stars: 2