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D’O Reviews

Last night, six members of my family had a great supper at D’O. Our host had arranged for us to sit at the nicest table possible, directly outside the kitchen. Each of our ten meals, as well as our wine pairings, were meticulously described by the restaurant’s owner, Davide Oldani, who was also our server. Everything was amazing! We are all tennis fanatics, and Mr Oldani revealed a few facts about his recent tv commercials with Roger Federer with us during our meeting.
The service was excellent, and I’ve never seen so many cooks in one area at the same time as I did that night. There were to be at least 15 chefs wearing tall white hats, as well as a number of helpers.
You only get to enjoy this sort of food and presentation once or twice in your life if you are fortunate and have the financial means to do so. Our journey back to Brescia was dominated by thoughts of the wonderful evening and the unforgettable experience! Will I be fortunate enough to return to that location? I certainly hope so.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Ostrica, yogurt all’acetosella e grano saraceno

Chiocciole helix aspersa, prezzemolo, aglio nero e riso

Panna cotta e verdufrutta estiva al basilico

Address: piazza della Chiesa 14, Cornaredo, 20010, Italy

Phone: +39 02 936 2209

Website: D’O Official Site

Hours: Closed: 24 December-7 January, 20 July-3 September, Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2