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Brut172 Reviews

This was completely out of this world. Beluga has long been one of our favorite fish. With the opening of his new restaurant, Hans van Wolde has elevated his game to new heights.

The restaurant itself is a work of art. The old farmhouse is a great mix of modern and old that works well together as a whole.
After entering the restaurant, we sat in several basement rooms and had some light appetizers. Then we were escorted upstairs to our seats. The meal was very delicious. The menu’s design progresses from being light and acidic to being progressively rich and creamy. The balance was perfect, and the presentation was just stunning.

This restaurant’s wine list is well-balanced and includes several excellent discoveries from wine locations all around the world.

All in all, it was incredible. This has the potential to become a three-star restaurant.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Ceviche van forel met krab

Buikspek van Magalicevarken

Dessert met Mergellandkruiden

Address: Reijmerstokkerdorpsstraat 143, Reijmerstok, 6274 NK, Netherlands

Phone: +31 43 204 1056

Website: Brut172 Official Site

Hours: Closed: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2