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Gion Maruyama Reviews

Among the kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto, Maruyama is perhaps the one where I’ve eaten the most. I had it three times in the fall of 2016, and it was delicious. However, it seems that I haven’t published any meal reviews for Maruyama in the past. Perhaps it was because he was too familiar, or perhaps it was because Maruyama had undergone a significant transformation later on. When you love something, there is greater hatred. It’s most likely a strong emotional response. Yoshizakura Maruyama, the founder of Maruyama, who had studied under his instructor “Kikunoi” (m 3), had been taught by Yoshihiro Murata, and he was a great commander who served as the chef at “Kikunoi Luan” (m 2) during the reign of Emperor Yoshihito. Then subsequently worked as the cook at “Kaodai Temple and Jiuden” (m 2), gaining 12 years of battle experience in the process. In 1988, he went out on his own and founded his own business, “Gion Maruyama.” Ten years later, he founded the “Kenninji Gion Maruyama” division of the company. Both restaurants got two Michelin stars in 2009, making Master Jiaying a culinary master with four Michelin stars in the culinary sector. The foods served at Maruyama are like well constructed pieces of art in their own right. The people’s emotions are profoundly planted in the beauty, and it is something they will never forget. You will also experience a dreamy illusion due to the vivid exhibition of the feeling of season, as if you are watching a cuisine show in Kyoto and are enjoying the autumnal atmosphere of the city. In terms of ingredients, Master Jiaying is also generous, including sea urchin, Matsuba crab, and matsutake mushrooms, as though she wishes to give guests with the best of the season’s best foods for the fall season. Maruyama’s cooking receives high marks because of the use of traditional cooking methods and the consistency of his skills. As a result, it is the most essential reason why I like Maruyama’s work. In terms of why I despise it, it’s possible that the “Xueyou Dengshi” business strategy gives me the impression that the company has strayed too far from the initial request of the employees. If life is just as nice as it seems on the surface,

Cuisine Type: Japanese


Address: 570-171 Giommachi-minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0074, Japan

Phone: +81 75-525-0009

Website: Gion Maruyama Official Site

Hours: Closed: Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 2