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Il Gallo d’Oro Reviews

Il gallo d’oro is a restaurant in Cluff Bay, and we got the pleasure to eat there for supper one night. We opted for the 10-course (or “moments,” as they call them) madeiran-inspired meal with wine pairings, which was excellent. Everything about every “moment” was a sensory explosion, beautifully organized on dishes that were primarily crafted just for the occasion. Exceptional care was taken in selecting the wines to complement each “moment” (mostly portuguese). The service was quite professional, but it became more amusing as we were increasingly amusing with each glass of wine we consumed. So, what is the remaining question? We’ve dined at some of the world’s best restaurants, so why is Il Gallo d’Oro only rated two stars on TripAdvisor? Thank you, Benoit Sinthon, and the rest of your colleagues, for this wonderful opportunity!

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine

Truta da ilha, geleia de coco e perola de yuzu

Galinha bio e legumes da nossa horta

Banana XPTO

Address: Estrada Monumental 147, Funchal, 9004-532, Portugal

Phone: +351 291 707 700

Website: Il Gallo d’Oro Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2