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Le Taillevent Reviews

After eating at this restaurant, you may take a stroll around the neighborhood with a view of the Le Rendez-Vous Toyota. Clients have shown a preference for the French food served here. Many of the restaurant’s patrons have commented on the expertly prepared salads, amuse bouches, and oysters that are offered here. Order delectable desserts such as parfait, praline, and fruitcake. Come to this establishment if you want to drink nice wine, champagne, or armagnac. Choose an excellent Americano and you will almost certainly not be disappointed.

This location would be ideal for a wedding reception. The personnel is known to be kind and accommodating at this establishment. The pleasant service provided by this establishment is noteworthy. The charges are reasonable from the perspective of the guests. People may relax and enjoy the unique ambiance and exquisite design at Le Taillevent. This Michelin-starred restaurant will give you delectable food cooked by a well-known chef in an elegant setting.

Cuisine Type: Classic Cuisine

Boudins de homard et brochet

Côte et ris de veau, carottes, condiment aux olives

Dame blanche à la vanille de Tahiti, chocolat de Madagascar et marjolaine

Address: 15 rue Lamennais, Paris, 75008, France

Phone: +33 1 44 95 15 01

Website: Le Taillevent Official Site

Hours: Closed: 31 July-30 August, Saturday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2