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Le Pré Catelan Reviews

3-Stars for service, 1-Stars for cuisine
The Michelin inspectors seem to be giving the Paris restaurants a bit of a reprieve after they have earned their stars, according to the reports.
Pre Catelan has mastered the art of food presentation and service, but the actual meals themselves, as sampled on a visit in November 2021, were uninspiring. Almost all of the dishes used the same ingredients and had taste profiles that were fairly similar. With the exception of the desserts and a few of the very early bite-sized meals, none of the dishes really stood out, and the grand finale, saddle of hare, was a complete dud in terms of presentation, texture, and taste. My wife did not even make it to the end of the book.

Because of the older employees, who may have become complacent as a result of being so competent at what they do, the service is approximately what you would expect from a three-star restaurant, but it may be falling somewhat. We ate at Le Parc in Reims, which has a very youthful staff (I don’t believe anybody on the floor was over 30 years old) and is working hard to get a third star. The service there was wonderful, and the food was excellent as well.

Aside from that, the lack of a wine pairing with such a meal is both frustrating and perplexing, and the back-waiters were not particularly adept at recommending wines from the list to pair with the dishes. I would say that they were not overjoyed by the prospect of someone purchasing not just a $500 bottle of wine or champagne, but also a bottle of wine to accompany a 14-course dinner that would include anything from truffles to fish to rich red meats. It also provides them with an opportunity to demonstrate their areas of service in more detail.

As a last word of caution, tourists will almost certainly need to use a cab or rent a vehicle to get about. It’s tucked away in a park on the outskirts of the city that serves as a refuge for prostitutes after hours after dark.
If you are on a 3-star tour, this is definitely a must-see. Excellent dining room.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Modern Cuisine

Langoustine préparée en ravioli au foie gras, fine gelée à la feuille d’or

Saumon fumé au bois de cerisier, crème de wasabi

Pollen, sablé et crème glacée au miel

Address: Route de Suresnes – bois de Boulogne, Paris, 75016, France

Phone: +33 1 44 14 41 14

Website: Le Pré Catelan Official Site

Hours: Closed: 1-23 August, 24 October-1 November, Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3