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L’Ambroisie Reviews

In a way, L’Ambroisie seems to provide an answer to a question I never wanted to be asked: can you provide some of the greatest cuisine I have ever eaten while simultaneously making me dislike your establishment? According to the evidence, the answer is yes. Cuisine by Chef Bernard Pacaud is lovely in its simplicity; it is a distillation of French nouvelle cuisine in its purest form, and it is delicious. His plate does not need any more trimming since each dish has already been perfectly reduced to simply the essential components. There’s a protein, a sauce, and a few more carefully chosen accompaniments to round out the meal. Pacaud’s meals are virtually flawless because of his meticulous selection of ingredients, which all work together in the goal of perfection that he almost always achieves.

You get uninterested service that was bordering on scorn on the other side of the coin from the almost excellent cuisine, and the a la carte rates are prohibitively expensive. I attempted to separate my opinion of the cuisine from my opinions on the service and the pricing, but I was unable to do so. A number of people have spoken highly of Chef Bernard Pacaud’s food, describing it as “among the greatest in the world.” They are absolutely correct. They will also accept responsibility for the service and rates. Whether or whether they are correct in their actions will most likely depend on the size of your bank account and your preferences in terms of service styles. My financial account was too tiny, and my desired level of service was too informal, for me to fall in love with the restaurant and overlook these flaws.

Cuisine Type: Classic Cuisine

Feuillantines de langoustines aux graines de sésame, sauce curry

Escalopines de bar à l’émincé d’artichaut, caviar golden

Tarte fine sablée au cacao amer, crème glacée à la vanille Bourbon

Address: 9 place des Vosges, Paris, 75004, France

Phone: +33 1 42 78 51 45

Website: L’Ambroisie Official Site

Hours: Closed: 8-30 August, Monday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3