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Kei Reviews

Clients come to Musee en Herbe to take in the sights and to reserve a table for one of the restaurant’s delicious meals. It is advised that you try the French food on the menu at this restaurant. A lot of individuals claim that the servers here provide well prepared amuse bouches, vegetable salads, and sardines at this establishment. You may get delicious parfaits, fruitcakes, and crumbles here. Wine, whiskey, and micheladas are all excellent choices for visitors to enjoy throughout their stay. Kei is an excellent place to get a nice cup of espresso.

This establishment is well-known for providing excellent service and having a nice staff that is always willing to assist you. From the perspective of the visitors, the rates are reasonable. This location has a relaxing atmosphere as well as gorgeous design. Three-star Michelin restaurant that deserves to be visited on a special occasion.

Cuisine Type: Modern Cuisine

Jardin de légumes croquants, saumon fumé, mousse de roquette, émulsion de citron, vinaigrette de tomates et crumble d’olives noires

Bar de ligne rôti sur ses écailles croustillantes

Smoothie aux fruits exotiques et sucre soufflé

Address: 5 rue du Coq-Héron, Paris, 75001, France

Phone: +33 1 42 33 14 74

Website: Kei Official Site

Hours: Closed: 2-25 August, 21 December-4 January, Monday, lunch : Thursday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 3