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Tate Reviews

When it comes to visiting Tate Modern, the ‘eyes’ have always had the upper hand. This restaurant now receives votes from all of your other senses as well. First and foremost, the panoramic vistas serve to remind you that you have not yet left a location devoted to visual enjoyment, and they serve to enhance the experience. But there was much more sensory pleasure to be had, from the chilly, crisp aroma of the wine to the warm yeasty fragrance of the sourdough bread, which was followed by the artful presentation of the plates of food that followed. Due to the limited length of the menu, the kitchen is able to devote its attention to the carefully picked selections. And they were all, unanimously, fantastic according to our table. Exceptional cuisine, efficient and kind service, and a fantastic sense of warmth and relaxation despite the fairly sparsely furnished surroundings.

However, I am unable to give full scores since — to be really honest — the quantities are just a little too tiny in my opinion. Given the circumstances, a bit more charity would not only be appreciated, but would also be acceptable.

Cuisine Type: Innovative


Address: 210 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2555 2172

Website: Tate Official Site

Hours: Closed: Monday, lunch : Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2