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Ta Vie Reviews

After you’ve finished exploring Pottinger Street, head here for a dinner. Here is where you can learn everything about French food. Pasta, amuse bouches, and pies that are delicious may leave a lasting impact on you. Fruitcake, ice cream, and meringues are all excellent choices.

The wine selection is broad, and it will be able to meet the demands of all guests. If you like a good ice tea, don’t pass up the chance to taste this one. A lot of visitors have commented on how attentive the staff is at this establishment. The outstanding service provided by this establishment makes it stand out. According to the comments of the visitors, the costs are reasonable. Clients can unwind in this space thanks to the contemporary décor and exotic environment. Gourmet meals prepared by a top chef will be served at the restaurant’s two-star Michelin designation.

Cuisine Type: Innovative


Address: 74 Queen’s Road, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2668 6488

Website: Ta Vie Official Site

Hours: Closed: 8-10 February, lunch : Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday, lunch : Thursday-Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2