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Sun Tung Lok Reviews

As a restaurateur in England, I have an innate critical and, I believe, keen eye when it comes to appraising food establishments. I am pleased to suggest Adler as a fantastic dining establishment to come and have an excellent dinner.

I was with a group of four people (two Swiss and two English) and can confirm that we all had a wonderful time that evening.

As a result, the Adler menu is extremely diverse – but not too broad, allowing the cooks to focus on preparing high-quality food. The service is prompt and kind without being overbearing in any way. Another positive development is that Covid mitigation is being taken seriously.

Please give Adler a try; you will be pleasantly surprised!

Cuisine Type: Cantonese


Address: 132 Nathan Road, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2152 1417

Website: Sun Tung Lok Official Site


Michelin Stars: 2