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L’Envol Reviews

We chose L’Envol as the location for our wedding anniversary, and to say that it was the ideal vacation would be an understatement.

First and foremost, you’re escorted into the magnificent dining room, which, despite its size, seemed extremely private after you’ve been seated. There were no issues with the employees; they were amazing, attentive, and flawless. The highlight of our dinner experience was the selection of great wine pairings by Chief Sommelier Tristan Pommier, who added to the already magnificent meal by complimenting and elevating the experience.

The razor clams and caviar, the sea bass, and the red deer were some of the standout dishes from the dinner. To top it all off, we finished with the most incredible cheese trolley, where cheese was recommended based on our specific palate, and a petit fours trolley (which would bring a smile to the faces of both children and adults), which filled our already satisfied stomachs with even more delicious food.

It was an incredible experience, and I look forward to them receiving a third Michelin star in the near future, based on our previous interactions with them.

Once again, thank you to Tristan and the rest of the L’Envol team.

Cuisine Type: French Contemporary


Address: 1 Harbour Drive, Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2138 6818

Website: L’Envol Official Site

Hours: Closed: Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2