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Lafleur Reviews

I used to reside in Pointe Claire before relocating to the south-west region of Ontario around six years ago. For fries and steamies, we went to Lafleurs on a regular basis. When we returned for a vacation to the West Island of Montreal, we slept in a nearby hotel and decided that we needed a “fix” of decent fries since we can’t seem to locate any nice fries anyplace near our house. To spice things up, my wife had her normal 2 steamies with no mustard, and I had a smoked meat [big size, but served on a hamburger bun rather than rye bread] sandwich for a change. We haven’t found any nice smoked meat in the area where we live in Ontario. In addition, we had fries. Mmmmmm! This quick food restaurant was crowded! Although there were just a few people ahead of us when we arrived, the queue continued to build as we waited for our dinner and during our meal. There was a long line out the door! Distancing oneself from others is being practiced. Rather of dining in our vehicle, we took advantage of the table service available. For steamers and fries [or smoked meat], the price is excellent.

Cuisine Type: Modern French, Creative

Salat von Topinambur mit Trüffelvinaigrette, Quittenchutney und Feldsalat

Rehrücken mit Briochekruste, Feigenblattjus und junger Sellerie

Marinierte Feigen, Brombeersorbet, Haselnussbiskuit, Fencheleis und Schokoladenkrokant

Address: Palmengartenstraße 11, Frankfurt on the Main, 60325, Germany

Phone: +49 69 90029100

Website: Lafleur Official Site

Hours: Closed: 29 July-27 August, 11-23 October, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2