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7132 Silver Reviews

Silver, the Michelin-starred restaurant of Chef Mitja Birlo, is a masterclass in opposites. Despite the fact that it is a fancy resort, the ambiance is warm and welcoming, and the individually addressed menu, which is signed by every single member of the staff, sets the tone for the evening right away.
A diverse menu, heavy on all things local, is offered, and most dishes are completed at the table by the chefs, rather than being prepared in the kitchen and merely given by the waiting staff, as is customary. Few restaurants of this class have such a high degree of connection between the culinary staff and the patrons, which makes for a memorable dining experience for everyone. In particular, the onion bread and the dessert with mustard were standouts, but almost every dish included some element of debate and conflicting flavors, which is a genuine highlight in Swiss restaurants.
It is not for the faint of heart, but for a once in a lifetime treat, it is the ideal option.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Innovative

Mangold, Ente, Bärlauch

Wolfsbarsch, Tomate, Safran

Birne, Nougat, Tannenschösslinge

Address: Poststrasse 560, Vals, 7132, Switzerland

Phone: +41 58 713 20 00

Website: 7132 Silver Official Site

Hours: Closed: 6-23 September, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday-Saturday

Michelin Stars: 2