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Schloss Schauenstein Reviews

Andreas Caminada looks to be up for a challenge of some kind. Rather of opening his restaurant in a large city such as London or Paris, he chose to start his restaurant in the world’s tiniest village, where his customers would have to travel a long distance to see him and his food. Instead than following the traditional French tasting menu, as most Michelin-starred restaurants in Switzerland do, he crafts dishes that are unique to his area, utilizing ingredients that are sourced locally. Caminada demonstrated tremendous command of a wide range of skills during the length of my dinner. With the same ingredients and flavor combinations, he often altered them in a variety of ways, providing a variety of taste experiences in a single dish.

In the wake of my dinner at Schloss Schauenstein, I have now dined at all of Switzerland’s three-star establishments, and the caliber among them is practically impossible to match. I think I preferred the cuisine at Cheval Blanc by a hair, but the dinner at Schauenstein was the most memorable of the three meals we had. Using a distant setting, local goods, and world-class culinary expertise, Caminada has effectively combined these elements to produce an unforgettable dining experience that is rightfully regarded as one of the top restaurants in Europe.

Cuisine Type: Creative, Country cooking

Forelle, Kohlrabi, Quitte

Rehrücken, Pfeffer, Rotwein, Schwarzer Knoblauch

Aprikose, Blüten, Quarksoufflé

Address: Schlossgass 77, Fürstenau, 7414, Switzerland

Phone: +41 81 632 10 80

Website: Schloss Schauenstein Official Site

Hours: Closed: 11 October-10 November, 20-29 December, Monday, Tuesday, lunch : Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 3