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Assiette Champenoise Reviews

The majority of the time, L’Assiette Champenoise was a pleasant supper. Arnaud Lallement’s personality shines through in his cuisine, which is characterized by an emphasis on selecting the finest ingredients he can find and a judicious use of acidity. At my lunch, there were dishes that demonstrated the versatility of the chef and his philosophy; a piece of high-quality brill with a thick sauce that was balanced off by citrus was a standout. A couple blunders occurred, though, and I discovered that either the product failed to meet my three-star expectations or that the tastes were out of balance. Despite the fact that a perfectly cooked Brittany scallop was served the next day at Le Parc, the scallop from the same exact location was not quite as delicious. I couldn’t finish a lemon tart because it was too acidic for my taste buds. Overall, although the experience was excellent, there were far too many misses and not nearly enough highs to match my expectations of a three-star establishment.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Langoustine royale, citron caviar et nage crémée

Homard bleu “hommage à mon papa”

Chocolat guanaja, noisette du Piémont

Address: 40 avenue Paul-Vaillant-Couturier, à Tinqueux, Reims, 51430, France

Phone: +33 3 26 84 64 64

Website: Assiette Champenoise Official Site

Hours: Closed: 14-24 November, Tuesday, Wednesday

Michelin Stars: 3