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JY’S Reviews

If I were to compare my time at Jean-Yves Schillinger to a musical piece, I would say it would be a Haydn symphony, to be precise. First and foremost, there is the savoir faire: the cooking, seasoning, and presentation are not just correct, but they are flawless; everything is in its proper position and is in keeping with the overall structure. Then there’s the sequencing and the rhythm: they’re both fluid, with no harsh breaking points or abrupt transitions. However, it is not simple nor monotonous; there are subtle accents, winks, and open viewpoints to be found. Classical, but with a few surprises, like the magnificent Haydn of the London Symphonies: The Surprise, The Miracle, Drumrolls, and so forth. I’ll never forget the slow-cooked filet de Merlu; the texture and flavor were unlike anything I’d ever eaten before, and it was unforgettable. Wine pairings were outstanding (all by the glass and all from local producers), with the late harvest Riesling offered with dessert being particularly memorable. I also had an intriguing Alsatian Pinot noir with the veal entrée, a grape I had no idea existed in Alsace. The service was friendly without being overbearingly formal. Overall, it was a pleasant experience in keeping with Colmar’s style: scenic without being ostentatious. This is something that must be done.

Cuisine Type: Creative

Thon rouge mariné au wasabi, gingembre et huile de sésame

Homard breton cuit en cafetière et pâtes au basilic au beurre de crustacés

Crème de céleri-rave cuit en croûte de sel, vanille séchée, gelée d’agrumes et bigarade confite

Address: 3 allée du Champ de Mars, Colmar, 68000, France

Phone: +33 3 89 21 53 60

Website: JY’S Official Site

Hours: Closed: 22 August-6 September, Monday, lunch : Thursday, Sunday

Michelin Stars: 2